17.06.2011 - 19.06.2011

Ausstellung: Meanwhile – deuxpiece, Basel

We are happy to invite you to the Exhibition »Meanwhile« presented by deuxpiece, Edition Taube and DSFH.

The idea behind this experimental exhibition is the principle of contemporaneity. Various artists and designers will contribute actively to the exhibition in real-time, wherever they might find themselves on the globe. The performance of the printer will be broadcasted live via webcam on deuxpiece.com.

Very limited prints will be available during the running hours of the show:

Opening Today, Friday 17th of june,
7 pm swiss time (MEZ, UTC +2)
and printing until midnight.

Saturday, 18th of june,

and Sunday, 19th of june,

We are proud to announce these incredible artists who will participate in this project:
Andre Avelas (Amsterdam), André Baldinger (Paris), Bart de Baets (Amsterdam), Beni Bischof (St. Gallen), Erich Brechbühl (Luzern), Erik van der Weijde (Amsterdam, NL/Natal, BR), Fogelson Lubliner (New York), Friedemann Heckel (Berlin), Georg Gatsas (St. Gallen), Karlssonwilker Inc (New York), Manuel Bürger (Berlin), Manuel Dollt (Stuttgart), Matthias Friederich (Berlin), Mylinh Trieu Nguyen (New Haven, CT), NODE Berlin Oslo (Berlin/Oslo), Peekasso (New York), Pixelgarten (Frankfurt), Ruth van Beek (Amsterdam), Uta Eisenreich (Amsterdam) and Vier5 (Paris).

So if you are in Basel, come on over:
Kannenfeldstrasse 23, Basel

and if meanwhile, you are some place else,
you can watch the printer perform on deuxpiece.com

Erik van der Weijde, Peekasso, Erik van der Weijde, Friedemann Heckel

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