5 Years Sperling | 10 Years Edition Taube

Sunday, December 8// 4 pm

GRANDE FINAL & Book Launch “Vierter Pol” 
coming home to SPERLING

After 10 picnics in 10 cities, meet Edition Taube on its home turf at SPERLING for the final (indoor) picnic embedded in Anna Vogels exhibition. All artist’s picnic blankets from all 10 cities will be layed out for a cozy sit in with snacks and drinks, completed by a special picnic-pillow edition by Anna Vogel and a picnic blanket by Julia Wirsching and Gabriel Henschel.

Julia Wirsching and Gabriel Hensche will also sit with us and release their book “The Fourth Pole” an itinerary of a journey to the lowest continental point on the planet. There will be screenings of the eponymous film at 5pm 6pm and 7pm.

at SPERLING / Edition Taube
Regerplatz 9, 81541 München

5 Years Sperling | 10 Years Edition Taube

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