Tilman Schlevogt

Co-Founder of Edition Taube.


Publications by Tilman Schlevogt

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Exhibition 16.06.2012
Art Dart, Keck, Basel, CH Edition Taube verwandelte während der Art Basel einen Kiosk in eine Dart-Bude. In den Räumlichkeiten des Projektraums KECK-Kiosk präsentierte Edition ...
Exhibition 20.05.2012
Don’t Look Now!, Platform3, München DE Edition Taube has conceived a new 3-channel video installation for PLATFORM that addresses the production and reception of books: „Don’t ...
Exhibition 08.02.2012
Gelèe Royale, Kunstverein Hannover DE Edition Taube was invited by Kunstverein Hannover and presented three installations there. One of them with lots of prints, fruits ...