Saskia Groneberg


76 pages, duplex UV-print, hardcover, thread-binding, 1st edition, with an epilogue of Thomas Seelig
21 × 29 cm

Saskia Groneberg casts an ironic but tender glance at plant arrangements which find their often unappreciated destiny in “in-between” spaces. Sansevieria, cacti, succulents and other arid fauna blend unobtrusively as inventory into the modern office world. The primary disposition of these rooms is rational. Here the greenery, mostly belonging to individuals, grows and sprawls over tables and shelves, swallows up corners and halls, both divides rooms and connects them. Circling the office plants, Saskia Groneberg captures them in perspectives and fragments as barely discernable traces, or in expansive gestures, laying bare their largely peripheral status.

― Thomas Seelig, Fotomuseum Winterthur

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