Christian Jankowski
Casting Jesus

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Hardcover, 104 pages, 4c offset print, 54 images, cover embossed in gold, prayer card insert, text in english
20.5 x 30 cm

Christian Jankowski’s first book with Edition Taube is based on his eponymous video work ”Casting Jesus“ realized in 2011. It focuses on an audition to select an actor that best interprets the role of Jesus, judged by a three-person jury of Vatican members.

Using a game show format, 13 professional actors compete for the role of Jesus. A distinguished panel: Monseñor José Manuel del Rio Carrasco, Vatican Priest; Sandro Barbagallo, Art Critic at the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, and Massimo Giraldi, journalist and Secretary of the Commission for Film Classification of the Italian Bishop Conference, judged the actors as they complete a variety of tasks including breaking bread, performing a miracle and carrying the cross, as well as dramatic interpretations of their favorite Jesus quotes. Filmed by Jankowski in the Complesso Santo Spirito in Sassia, Rome, and watched via live video stream by a separate audience of 300, the actors are gradually narrowed down to one finalist by the jury.

With a sermon by Karl-Eugen Fischer, and texts by John Beeson and Dirk Rustemeyer.

The first 20 copies come as a special edition; each with a signed, unique print.


Press commentaries

“You can learn pretty much from Christian Jankowski’s Casting Jesus about a wonderfully theatrical, specifically Italian Catholicism which doesn’t fear embarrassment. And also much about the influence of the 2000 years of art history that shaped our image of Jesus.”
—Süddeutsche Zeitung, 10. September 2011

“Casting Jesus is an exploration of our own perception of art, religion, fiction and of course, reality.”

“Pick of the week”
—The Guardian

“He never fell out of character. Even when told he was the winner, he stood there as if to say: ’Did you ever doubt that i was Jesus?’”
—The Tablet, 10. September 2011

Watch the Trailer for the video work

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