Jan Steinbach (ed.)
Das Bureau

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Edition of 50, saddle stitched, 160 pages, laserprint
21 × 29.7 cm

A documentation of the installation project Das Bureau, covering all work completed between two weeks in a gallery space. The Gez Gallery in Stuttgart was transformed into a temporary workspace, equipped with basic office facilities including a coffee maker, tons of paper and pencils, staplers, a Windows computer, a type writer, post-its and a copying machine. More than 18 artists were asked to work for one day inside the temporary office on the topic of work. The results include new questions and approaches about the habitat of the office.

People who worked at Das Bureau include Erik Sturm, Christian Stotz, David Ziegler, Tilman Schlevogt, Peter Riemer, Patrick Oltean, Stephanie Becker, Carola Plappert, Alexander Kern, Yuan Peng, Jonas Beuchert, Phillip Saile and a lot of guest-workers. The project was created by Jan Steinbach.