Michael Günzburger


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Softcover, 1076 pages, 2c Offset, edition of 350, Text by Adam Jasper
29.7 × 21 × 5.4 cm

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Available from February 15 2019.

A block of 500 A4 sheets corresponds to a basic unit in office life—a single ream of photocopy paper, a brick.

Günzburgers book consists of over 500 drawings on letter paper: concentrated, reduced, almost calligraphic sketches of other artworks held in the collection of the government of the canton of Zurich. Günzburger’s drawings are a kind of virtuoso exercise: a single artistic idea is extracted from each work and depicted in black ink in a minimum number of strokes, a single phrase or aphorism. Speed and consistency leads here to a kind of abstraction. Sculptural works, portraits, abstract paintings; all are captured in sequence of economic gestures. They can all be compared to each other but also lose their specific characteristics, all the material qualities that make them artworks and not signs.

With the inventory of the works on the letterhead of the canton, Günzburger also draws a portrait of the „Fachstelle Kunst“ (which, however, never existed under this name), thus providing an insight into the nature of bureaucracy.

With a text by Adam Jasper