Jonas Beuchert (ed.)
Im Moment Ort

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Includes 7% red. MWST
Numbered edition of 30, loose-leaf, 50 hecto prints
21 × 29.7 cm

“Im Moment Ort” or ‘‘Right place”

… Is the search for social interaction and story(s) on non-place.

The loose pages of the wallet have been created using a Hectographen, a typewriter and a pen in different places between Basel and Berlin.

The places that Marc Augé describes as non-places: are functional and transit places: malls; airports; motorway service stations; hotel lobbies and subways, where nobody is at home.

The impulse, design and reproduction of each sheet relates to a situation or interaction at an exact coordinate. (This location can be tracked, up to 25m, by entering the coordiantes into Google Maps. An edition of each loose page was left behind or distributed at this point.

The rest is stored in this Binder with artistic contributions from:

Karim Ben Abdelkader, Alec Barth, Demian Bern, Tobias Greiner, Friedemann Heckel. Henrik Hillenbrand, Leonie Hosoda, Azar Mortazavi, Philipp Schmidt, January Steinbach, Julia Weber and Minna Wündrich