Claude Closky
Invisible Books


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Postcard set, 5 postcards, 4-color print, edition of 250
14.8 × 10.5 cm
Today, visual sense predominates our ways to perceive the world that surrounds us. Contemporary society is defined by an incessant flow of images, while the unmanifested” has been weeded out of our collective imagination. The “Invisible Books” postcards project offers a non-linear form of storytelling through a series of 5 book shelves, each supporting immaterial books. 
Closky’s work counters the impulse of producing visible objects to explore art’s alternative communicative possibilities. One can get a sense of the books through various, heterogenous elements, which encourage diverse modes of interpretations. 
This work aims to draw attention to the limits of visual perception and to the unseen structureswhether physical or ideological that inform our daily lives and our encounters with art.

This edition contains 5 postcards, enclosed in a transparent sleeve: Invisible Books, Ethereal Books, Undetectable Books, Vanished Books and Unseeable Books.

Subtle, minimal and playful, Claude Closky’s (*1963, Paris) work is mainly immaterial. Language is his model to articulate images, text, numbers, and sounds collected in our environment, or made in his studio. He received the Grand Prix National d’Arts Plastiques in 1999 and was awarded the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2005.