Peter Granser
I Walked Into a Cave And Up To Paradajs (Special Edition)


Hahnamühle fineart print, 30,8 × 20,8 cm in folder, together with publication, 36 pages, duplex matt offset print, saddle stitched, 1st edition, with a poem by Robert Lax
32 × 24 cm

The special edition of the publication “I Walked Into a Cave and Up To Paradajs” contains the book next to a folder with a fineart print 30,8 × 20,8 cm, signed by the artist. Limited edition of 20.

In “I Walked Into a Cave and Up To Paradajs” Peter Granser grapples with his father’s death. He created this very personal work immediately thereafter, in October 2016, in the woods and a cave on Mount Paradajs in Slovakia.
The photographs evoke the impermanence of all things in the inexorable cycle of nature, showing how, despite the darkness, the world around us can still be a source of beauty and hope. In this work, Granser combines his photographs with the minimalist poem “one moment passes” by Robert Lax.

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