Max Kersting
Planet der Anfänger


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Softcover, 224 pages, full color offset, many images, german text, edition of 1000, Design by HelloMe
13.4 × 19 cm

“An ode to the young and the carefree.”
SZ Magazine

“Larry Clark high on Mixery on the regional train between Lippstadt and Dortmund.”
Michael Biedowicz

“What Jonah Hill did for California with his film 'Mid90s', Max Kersting did for North Rhine-Westphalia with the book 'Planet der Anfänger'. I feel deeply indebted to both artists.”
Leif Randt

“Just intense!”
Tim Brüning

“It's a movie you can't film.”
Stefan Scheer

Now in bookshops! Many blurred pictures in colour! Very short texts!

A new book by the author of the popular gift book bestseller “Drei unbeschwerte Tage” and the award-winning calendar triology Max Kersting Wochenkalender.

Max Kersting collects seemingly trivial photos and creates new pictures with painting over them. In his book “Planet der Anfänger”, however, the material is taken from his own life.

A gang from Lippstadt, Germany – captured in shaky pictures that look like colorful shadows gone wild. The interplay with Kersting's texts condenses a feeling that can at best be described from the outside as brutally barren boredom, but which at its core represents the nucleus of all later life. This is how you stumble into real life: as an entangled, self-involved, smooching pseudoskater, perhaps only half as cool as a figure from Larry Clark, but with the firm intention of somehow getting it right. Oh. If only one could be so wonderfully clueless again.

The artist:
Max Kersting, born in 1983, grew up in Lippstadt with inline skating and obsessive-compulsive disorders, studied design in Düsseldorf, then desperately worked as an advertising copywriter in Berlin and only returned to courage and joy with his free works in 2011. Since then, he has mainly been known for his ingenious painting on old photos. In 2013, a selection of his pictures was published by Metrolit Verlag in disguise as a novel, followed by a picture column in the Süddeutsche Zeitung in 2014/2015. His weekly calendar triology won the Gregor Calendar Award three times.