Chantal Rens
That’s When Walls are Thin


Folder with 15 Prints, Offset, limited to 200 copies, signed and numbered on the folder
30.2 × 24.5 × 1.3 cm

Chantal Ren's images are always beyond a regular oddity: they show photographs but cannot evoke any direct references we know. Her analog cut-and-paste collages allow us to look into a parallel universe in which the curvature of space around people, animals and landscapes is somewhat different.

“That's when walls are thin” is a series of works created between 2010 and 2020. The collages contain collected material from Dutch magazines of the 30s to 60s like “Katholieke Illustratie”, “Beatrijs” or “Libelle”.

The world of images lulls the viewer in a certain sense of comfort and awakens nostalgic longings for a simple world that doesn’t exist. The new pictures of Chantal Rens, with their torn and jerkily glued together extractions leave little room for nostalgia: the distance in time mainly functions as a reminder that nothing was ever perfect and it never will be.