Andrew Gilbert
The Life of Baby Afghan Squirrel

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Edition of 600, hardcover concertina, 12 pages, 4c offset print
31 x 23 x 1.2 cm

The leporello features seven eventful paintings showing important stations in the life of baby ‘Afghan Squirrel’, which was in a state of peaceful resistance against the british occupation force in 1842. The letter by the figure of the ‘Holy Brocoli’ on the backside contrasts an apparently naive visual language with the drastic images at the front.

Through mixing iconographic and religious time layers Andrew Gilbert refers as well to the hegemonies of contemporary major powers.   


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Book Launch 29.10.2015
Andrew Gilbert - The Life of Baby Afghan Squirrel Book presentation and exhibition opening:  “The Life of Baby Afghan Squirrel” by Andrew Gilbert on Oktober 29 2015, Galerie Sperling, Munich.