Anahita Razmi

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Edition of 500, saddle stitched, 28 pages, silkscreened plastic sleeve, letterpress and 4c offset printing, design: Constanze Hein and Jan Blessing (bookbook)
23 x 30 cm

“Tutti” is a score for 19 video blogger voices.

The artist booklet unifies text fragments from 13 political speeches and video stills of portraits by the vloggers and is published in contribution to Anahita Razmi´s same-titled video installation “Tutti” (2015).

19 screens installed in the room, show Vloggers who repeat words after Victor Orbán, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Angela Merkel, Winston Churchill, Erich Honecker and other politicians. As a choir of individual voices the work reflects on repetition of political platitudes, aesthetics of echo and appropriation between individuality and collectivity.

This publication was supported by the Kunststiftung Erich Hauser and is winner of the Walter Tiemann Prize 2016 for innovative typography and book design.

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