Andrea Éva Győri
Vibration Highway (Special Edition)


watercolor and laser printing on paper, signed and numbered, edition of 17 (+3AP) unique paintings
31.1 × 24.2 cm

Pre-order special before march 1st, shipping estimated from march 5th 2018.

For the special edition for the publication »Vibration Highway«, Andrea Éva Győri created an original watercolor on a printed drawing. The painting depicts a enhanced version of the graphic »Eyes on hands, fingers, and genitals« (2.9 I) from the series »An expedition along Vibration Highway«. The edition includes this signed an numbered original as well as a signed copy of the book.

In »Vibration Highway«, Andrea Éva Győri illustrates her explorations in female lust in 80 truely vibrating watercolors. The book consists of three series: The first one is created in her studio – she invites women to masturbate in front of her while drawing them. In a second series she illustrates the women’s corresponding phantasies and inner visions. The insights from a 3-month orgasm workshop form the third part, a guidebook to the female orgasm. A crucial part of this artistic process is the communication with sexologist Dr. Dania Shiftan, whose analyses and written interpretations complement Győris images. In addition to being an artists’ book, »Vibration Highway« thereby exists also as a research project, exploring new perspectives on femineity and the connections between body, phatasies and personal experience.

The art project entitled »Vibration Highway« was conceived by Manifesta 11 in Zurich, under the curatorial direction of Christian Jankowski.

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